about us

Born out of the westside of Adelaide – Australia, where General Motors Holden, Chrysler and Ford all once manufactured and assembled their street vehicles, did Holeshot Pro Street come to life. 

Australia is home to sons and daughters to whom one owner factory vehicles were passed down, with the vision of big wheels, low stance and lots of horsepower to become a force of both street and strip…and the bug keeps biting generation after generation.   What we now have is a Pro Street scene that everyone across Australia connects with. Each of us having memories of cars and friends come and gone and hopes and dreams of cars still to race. 

Holeshot Pro Street promotes an automotive culture aligned with keeping the Pro Street scene alive and knowing that just because you don’t own a Pro Street doesn’t mean you’re not part of the scene.  A Pro Street isn’t something you buy from the factory, it is built in the garage after long nights with cranky neighbours and the never-ending support of family and friends.  And once its on the street or down the track, you’re not alone…someone’s always willing to cruise the streets or find the 10mm.  This is the culture we promote, one of family and respect for each other and their Pro Streeters.  We welcome everyone under the Holeshot Pro Street banner that enjoys the feeling that only a modified street and strip automobile can give you. 

We are setting out to preserve the Pro Street culture while encouraging the new generation of Pro Streeters to get the HOLESHOT and take the win!

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